Spring Break!


For me, the week of Spring Break is a very interesting time of the school year.  Though I am feeling completely burnt out and don’t want to even THINK about the small (it really isn’t too bad!) pile of grading that I brought home, I find myself scouring Pinterest, Blogs, and TeachersPayTeachers for ideas to revamp and rejuvenate my classroom.  I am simultaneously thinking ahead to bigger changes for next school year and thinking about what I can do to improve my teaching for the rest of THIS school year, though without making any huge changes that will simply confuse students as far as grading/procedures go.  I am currently both excited and completely overwhelmed… but in a good way!  I love getting so excited about teaching like this, so that once again my job feels like a fun hobby.  (Note:  I think the meanest thing a veteran teacher can ever say to a new teacher is “teaching is so wonderful that it never feels like a ‘job!’ I don’t even call it ‘work’ I call it ‘school!'”  While I can attest that teaching can often feel super fun and exciting, it is MORE OFTEN (especially at first) a LOT of work and stress!  By saying that it shouldn’t feel like work, I think, makes young teachers– at least me– unnecessarily worry that we perhaps chose the wrong career path when we are stressed out!– /end rant)

Anyway, I just wanted a quick post to share how EXCITED I am organizing projects and ideas and games and activities!  I can’t wait to try some of them out next week!  Okay, so I can wait… I really like this sleeping in and relaxing on the couch thing, but you know what I mean! 

Happy Wednesday, all! 

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