Choice Boards for Emergency Sub Plan


One thing that I have NOT been very good at so far is having some materials ready for those “emergency sub days.”  Luckily, I don’t get sick often, so I have not had to get out of bed at 2am with the flu to make plans or anything, but I also understand that I should be prepared.  In scouring TeachersPayTeachers I came across this example of a German teacher’s Choice Board assignment for such situations.   I am a big fan of giving students a choice in what to do, so choice boards are a favorite of mine.  What I like most about this is that it is written to go with any topic of study for extra practice, and the same plan can be left for multiple levels of class (e.g. I, II, MS, etc.)

This evening, then, I made my own, modified, choice board based off of the linked example.  I took off the grammar-specific options, as I try not to teach grammar-specific lessons (at least for the most part).  I also like playing with fonts and shapes, so I had a bit of fun with those things, but didn’t want to put too much that made it distracting.

Choice Board Assignment Sub Plan

I have left this in the form of a Word Document for easy editing, if anyone so chooses.  I made this with a Mac, so my apologies if the format doesn’t quite match with a PC!

4 thoughts on “Choice Boards for Emergency Sub Plan

  1. I especially love the survey and interview options! This makes emergency sub plans SO much easier! I had been slaving away on something to make some Cesar Chavez video in English relevant! Muchas gracias!

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